Waiting For You

When the world is falling apart at 2am, I lay here - waiting for you I hear your laugh Something husky and warm, Wrap around me like a fleece blanket. My defenses lay in ruin but I lay here Waiting for you. Comforting myself with all the memories we haven't made I'm cradling an empty... Continue Reading →



"I'd have done anything in the world to make him mine."

Read This If Your Parents Were Never Really There For You — Thought Catalog

Pexels, Josh WillinkEventually, either when we’re young or well into adulthood, some of us realize our parents probably shouldn’t have had us. Our parents were ready for babies. They wanted a baby, and maybe even a small child, but they weren’t ready to raise a full-grown human into adulthood. They romanticized the idea of a... Continue Reading →

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