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About/Introductory Letter

“We live in a society where women have constantly fought, and are still fighting, for equality. This is a cause I fully support. However, to win any battle, the troops must stay united and as women I often feel as if we aren’t.

We are constantly tearing each other down, looking down on each other and just plain being mean to each other. How can we expect anyone to treat us any better than we treat each other?

This blog isn’t about making ourselves more appealing for men, it’s about making us more appealing to each other. It’s about being a sister and being a friend. It’s about stopping the mean girl trend.

I don’t claim to be any better than the next girl, sometimes I’m mean too but I’m trying not to be.

I’m just a girl who watched “Mean Girls” and realized that it wasn’t just a movie.

I’m just a girl who thought that was wrong.

This blog is a place where I’ll put up helpful hints on how to be nicer to other girls, and other people (boy or girls) by extension. This is a safe place where I’ll share my journey to be a nicer person in brutally honest detail. A place where there is no judgement and girls can come and confess to their bad deeds of the day and seek redemption from their peers. This blog is a negativity free place where we’ll encourage each other to grow.

I hope that this blog will become a place where girls can come together to lift each other up.


One Less Mean Girl.”

This is my original introductory letter. I was very jaded when I started the blog, I’m (sadly) not any less jaded. I wanted to use girls as my subject because I know them best and I was tired of seeing girls tear each other down on social media. I was also partly inspired by my own experiences at a girls school and just with girls in general. I was and I am very tired of all the negativity and all the hate. It’s not very hard to be nice and I can’t see why we can’t all just do it.

The blog definitely did not turn out the way I’d seen it turning out but it still has time to develop and become a safe place where we can all go and grow and learn to be nice together. I definitely grew a little by doing this, really stretched myself. I wrote about things I’d never really seriously thought about and it felt nice to get out all of these things I hadn’t known I had inside. It was therapeutic in that way.

Writing the blog posts was the most fun part but conducting the study for the research paper that it inspired was definitely the most interesting part. I really loved doing the research project, getting that data and seeing it and analyzing it really brought me a kind of joy I hadn’t yet experienced and completing it and turning in the paper really made me feel content and mature. I’m really proud of the whole thing to be extremely honest.

What was hard for me was writing a blog post and then realizing I had friends who’d taken or took part in the behaviour I  was condemning, it felt really hypocritical to me, like I was wrong in some way even if I wasn’t the one directly doing anything wrong and having to step up and really look at my friends in that way was uncomfortable. Especially when I was collecting data for the project, I knew everyone who participated in the focus groups personally and I was very disappointed by some of the things they said. Dealing with the disappointment and choosing not to dwell on it was difficult. The expectations I’d had were definitely crushed but it wasn’t an entirely negative experience. Some of my friends really impressed me and I really felt as if we all got to know each other better and I hope I helped create new, wonderful friendships.

My views from the beginning are unchanged now, at the end, I hope to one day be completely surrounded by women who support each other.




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