The Kim Kardashian Conversation

The Kim Kardashian Conversation

I know, Kylie isn’t Kim and she isn’t a Kardashian but I realized that she was just as relevant as Kim when it comes to the point I’m trying to make.

So I asked a few people I know what they thought about Kim Kardashian and these are the responses I got :

– “She’s an interesting pop culture figure. She has a bad rep for things that aren’t her fault and found a way to capitalize which we like as a society.”

– “She found herself in a bad situation with that sex video but made the most of it and used it to build a career off of and she is family oriented and such a strong woman that I honestly look up to. I envy her confidence and self love, and she is a role model for me in that aspect.”

– “Kim has become a better person and more intellectual and I think that the show has made her become a better person because she can see herself now from another perspective and people look up to her now.”

– “I think that Kim grew up a lot. Honestly in the beginning I thought she was a disgrace but she pulled herself together and she’s incredibly skilled in business and very family oriented.”

– “Well, she has a lot of first world problems but she’s very business savvy.”

And one of my friends told me about the link below.

These opinions, and please note they’re people’s opinions, are all from people I know. I’ll admit, I’m a little disappointed by some of them but overall I’m pleasantly surprised.

All of these comments made me feel varying emotions, I wouldn’t say I’m a short tempered person. What sets me off varies, I’m unpredictable that way but once I’m mad, I’m mad. The last comment undoubtedly incensed me. Simply because it’s a cop-out. It’s a completely empty comment, which people do a lot, say something that they think sounds profound but really they aren’t saying anything. Why it really enraged me though, is that comment about first world problems because it came from an American girl. As if she’s any less first world and that this is a real and acceptable scale upon which to judge Kim Kardashian. People from the first world have no right to comment on first world problems because they don’t have a real idea of what a non-first world problem looks like. I can admit it probably wouldn’t have made me mad if I, myself had not been raised in the third world.

“Kim has become a better person” and “I thought she was a disgrace”, again, I was not impressed with these statements. She’s a better person, is she though? She was a disgrace, but now her disgrace has been erased? Neither of these girls know Kim at all, yet they’re talking about her as if they do. I understand that if you watch the show you feel like you do but you don’t and it made me mad because I can imagine that this is the mentality the people who slut shame her have. YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS WOMAN. And even if you did, still completely unacceptable. The disgrace comment made me more sad than anything because but perfectly reflected not only the society that we live in but also how girls are raised. I didn’t ask why she thought Kim was a disgrace but I think it needs no real thought to know it probably has to do with her sex tape or how free and proud she is of her sexuality.

My opinion on Kim is that she’s an incredibly strong woman who took a shitty situation and spun it in her favour. I think she’s very smart, a great business woman, someone who’s very comfortable in her skin and I think she’s human. She’s made mistakes i.e. Kris Humphries. That, to me, is even more proof of how human she is. She just wants to be loved, wants a family and she married a douche because she thought he could give her that. (Still talking about Kris here.) Honestly, if I made a sex tape with my boyfriend and he leaked it, I don’t think I’d ever leave my house again. I don’t think posting nude makes her a bad mother (what she does in her spare time doesn’t define what kind of mother she is) or that it’s any less artful than when a model does it. Kim does Kim and is unapologetic about it.

On the pictures I included, Kim and Kylie have over a million likes on their photos but just as many haters in their comments sections. A common theme in both is how they’re “whores” or “sluts” and I know that many people can’t have a conversation about Kim without bringing up her sex tape or Kylie without mentioning how she’s dating a guy who’s 8 years her senior. Both of these things are, apparently, just proof of how loose and promiscuous the two are.

What really affects me when I see comments like this is how many of them are from women. I did see a surprising amount of women commenting positively but there were still too many being unnecessarily rude.

You can think that Kim and Kylie are “whores” or “sluts”. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Just stop for a second and think why. Why?

Okay, Kim has a sex tape. So? The difference between her and other girls with sex tapes and nude photos is that it’s something that the whole world has seen. That isn’t evidence that she’s done anything wrong besides trust the wrong person. If you really look at it, Ray J is REALLY the one in the wrong here. I doubt that she’s too mad at him though. He was undoubtedly trying to break her but she made herself instead and brought her family with her. Female empowerment at it’s best.

Yes, Tyga is 8 years older than Kylie. So what? We all know people who have huge age gaps in their relationships and that doesn’t make them “whores”. She likes to post pictures of herself in a bikini, if I looked like that I would too to be quite frank and I’m sure anyone would agree. She had lip fillers, alright, insert your crude remark as to why that is here. She had an insecurity and the means to fix it, don’t sit here and lie to yourself by saying you wouldn’t fix your insecurities if you could. Everyone has something about themselves they wish they could change.

My point though is what the fuck are you doing trying to bring down another woman for owning her sexuality and being comfortable in her skin? Why are you making men think it’s okay to talk about women this way? Why do YOU think it’s okay to talk about another woman like that? What do you get out of calling another woman a word that is meant to shame us?

I’ve been called a slut many times, I’m positive I’m not the only one, and I laugh every single time because I’m not a slut. I’ll admit that I’ve done it too and I’m ashamed that I have. But I’ve grown and know better, do you? Also, I don’t see why it should be an insult. What someone else does in the bedroom is none of your business. Just because they’re celebrities and seem untouchable it doesn’t mean that their feelings won’t get hurt if they happen to scroll into their comments section.

That girl, who isn’t a celebrity, she’s definitely going to be hurt when she sees it in her comments on a picture she felt really good about. She’s going to go and cry when she hears you whispering it to your friends and snickering as she passes by. Those boys you’re so desperate to impress? They’re going to think it’s okay to start saying it because you do.

You don’t have to agree with a single thing I’ve said here but you should know that no one has the right to call you a “whore” “slut” or any other derogatory term, even if it is someone who loves you and someone you love. It’s okay to be comfortable in your own skin and to feel sexy. It’s okay to post bikini pictures. It’s okay to post pictures showing off your hard work in the gym. It’s okay to enjoy sex. It’s okay to not want to be tied down to one person, as long as you’re being smart about it. It’s okay to be nice to other women.

Reading over this piece makes me sad but proud. Proud because I think I did a reasonably good job and I said things that needed to be said. Sad that any of this had to be sad at all. Sad that there are girls out there who don’t know that it’s okay to be and do all of the things that I mentioned above.

~ One Less Mean Girl



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